Aromas: Fresh and fruity with aromas of young strawberry, raspberry and notes of lilac and violets.

Flavor Profile: This French sparkling wine creates a deliciously seductive. Smooth and versatile. A perfect balance of freshness, fruit, acidity and sweetness. A courtship of delicate flavors, red fruit aromas and baby bubbles.

The Blend: We produce in Burgundy in Nuits St Georges and source from top regions throughout France in order to great the perfect cuvee and a wine wine which is crisp, light and refreshing with delicate bubbles and a nice hint of fruit on the finish to balance the dryness, yeast and acidity.

Appellation: FRANCE

Alcohol: 12% Res. Sugar: 12 gr/L
Dosage: 12 gr/L Ferment: Steel Tank at 51°F
pH: 3.25 Acidity: 3.7 gr/100mL

Pairs With: The rosé complements an array of foods. Try it with spicy Asian dishes,
risotto, BBQ, beef, lamb, duck, game, chicken, prosciutto, seafood,
pizza or soft cheese (like brie or goat).

Available in 750 ml or 187ml