Le Grand Courtâge Bottle Family


Our vision was to create an affordable luxury perfect for all occasions… a timeless, yet contemporary packaging which catches the eye of consumers, and a delicate French sparkling wine which delights the palate.

Our hope was to create an innovative sparkler which offers a French elegance and cachet combined with an American appeal and price point.


In short, we aim to change the luxury, special occasion mentality of ‘champagne’ by offering an elegant yet approachable, affordable, versatile French bubbly.

  • Price Point – We have the French cachet but a domestic price-point.
  • Palate – Gold-medal winning, Le Grand Courtâge has a less dry, yeasty, acidic profile than traditional champagne which can be heavier on the palate. Courtâge’s unique profile, with its dry, crisp, yet light and fruit forward character, creates for a “balanced”, cuisine and cocktail-friendly wine which is enormously versatile.
  • Packaging – We created an elegant and eye-catching packaging and positioned our product so its visual identity conveys the perception of luxury at an exceptional value.