Life is a Special Occasion

 sparkling wine 101Every moment in life is one worth savoring, as it is a moment you can never get back. From the big, momentous occasions, to the small, seemingly fleeting moments, every moment is a memory.  And as Pavese once said, “We do not remember days, we remember the moments.”

Today we’re celebrating these every day moments. The  moments that money cannot buy, but that we are given every day. These moments are simple, and often not momentous, but are little tokens of life’s little pleasures that we simply never forget. From the simple pleasure of reading a book and snuggling with your honey by the fire, an evening spent with girlfriends sharing pizza and bubbly and laughing, or splashing in the waves the first beach day of summer.. these are the moments we cherish forever.

Life is a celebration. Here at Le Grand Courtage, we are all about celebrating life’s little emoments, and embracing every day. Whether it be toasting family across the table, or indulging in a big glass of bubbly while soaking in  the bath tub, take the time to savor today’s fleeting moments with a sip of our French sparkling wine. Every day is a celebration – make the most of it!

Embrace Life. Dream Big. Accept All Invitations.

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