12 Days of Courtâge Giveaway – Day 11 Winner

We’re thrilled to announce the Day 11 winner of 12 Days of Courtâge Giveaway.

The Le Grand Courtâge philosophy is on every bottle – “Embrace Life. Dream Big. Accept all Invitations” – our goal is to remind people to find the joy in the every day (the joie de vivre) and bring people together over food and wine.

We aim to change the special occasion mentality associated with ‘champagne’ by providing an affordable luxury, and showcasing the versatility of our French sparkling wines.

Our Giveaway gifts are intended to remind people to treat themselves to life’s simple pleasures. Check back each day to see if you’ve won!

DAY 1: Christina Lara
DAY 2: @chodges2
DAY 3: Cheryl Nix
DAY 4: @missesfitness
DAY 5: @mayonays
Day 6: @kerrishops
Day 7: Audrey Ramirez
Day 8: @missesfitness
Day 9: @amberbushjoseph
Day 10: @kelly_jo07
Day 11: meloniegurl

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