Our philosophy is ‘Embrace Life.  Dream Big. Accept all Invitations.’ and to that end our goal is to provide an affordable luxury that is perfect for “courting life” and celebrating its special occasions as well as all of the every day moments in between. We made Le Grand Courtâge to be the ultimate instrument in friendly exchanges of laughter and love.

Our goal was to make an elegant and timeless, yet contemporary packaging which would be approachable in its taste and affordable in its price point. We wanted a ‘balanced’ sparkler that offered the dryness of a Brut but which had a hint of fruit and floral on the finish. The unique profile, with its crisp, refreshing and fruit forward character, creates for an incredibly versatile beverage that pairs with a wide array of cuisines. Our approach to wine is the same as our approach to life, open up, drink up, and enjoy!