My name is Tawnya Falkner and I am the proprietor of the French sparkling wine company, Le Grand Courtâge. A few years ago I took the leap and moved to France to develop Le Grand Courtâge after seeing a gap in the category. Food and wine are the great common denominator of all people and all cultures, and my goal was to create a wine that embodies the French spirit of Joie de Vivre, celebrates life’s simple moments and offers an affordable luxury to ‘elevate the everyday’.

As we all struggle to maintain balance in life, we often forget to slow down to appreciate the journey. “Embrace Life. Dream Big. Accept All Invitations.” is on the back of every bottle with the hope of reminding people to never stop pursuing their passions, celebrating the every day, and appreciating life’s gifts. For me, it’s about trying to maintain a ‘champagne state of mind’ and enjoying a glass of wine with family and friends, or while enjoying a warm bubble bath or reading a book in a hammock.

Our name means “the Great Courtship”, and symbolizes the courtship between French and American wine culture, grapes from different regions, and the old and new world styles. The name, these wines and my story also symbolize the courtship and negotiations as we journey through life and love.

I feel blessed that my passion allows me to create and be creative, and that I get to share my love of food, wine and people. Bubbles transition from breakfast through to dessert, and are the most versatile of all wines for food pairings and cocktails. I am grateful to be in a business that facilitates friendly exchanges, and laughter.